Health & Wellness FAQ

Q. do you offer services virtually?
A. yes. We offer full remote services for people around the world.

Q. how much does it cost?
A. Complimentary posture evaluation. 1 session starts at 150. Although we offer therapy programs, talk to a therapist to determine what program is best for your specific needs.

Q. How is this different than other therapies?
A. The exercises and stretches are designed to correct postural dysfunction and muscle compensations that cause pain. Each exercise is tailored specifically for you and NOT generic. And…our goal is to EMPOWER you so you don’t have to depend on endless dr visits for drugs, injections or painful manipulations.

Q. do I need to buy expensive equipment?
A. No. You can use items around the house. Although, we do recommend special products if you like.

Q. how long does it take to feel better or see results?
A. Often times you will see and feel a difference in only 1 session. Although, the system is a process and everyone responds at different rates. This is not a quick fix. We recommend at least starting with our 8 week program.

Q. do you accept insurance?
A. no. we are a holistic, non-medical pain relief center.

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