A new patient was just telling how she was receiving traction for her back pain. She continued to tell me that it made the pain worse and caused her to have muscle spasms. She said she thought it would help, due to the fact that “they” told her traction helps open the joint spaces between the vertebrae. We have heard this type of story a million times. However, sometimes it may help for a short period of time but, if you do not get to the root cause, only limited change will occur. So, what do you do?

Balance the pelvis! Since the spine sits on top of the pelvis, it is the pelvis that indicates the position of the spine. If one side is higher, lower or tilted, it will and does cause dysfunction throughout the entire body such as leg length discrepancy, higher or lower shoulder and much more.  This will help significantly to bring your body back to balance. Try out some of our myofascial self treatments throughout our site to help.

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