What We Do

We help active adults who struggle with back and spinal pain get back to enjoying pain free living again through our Healthy Movement System. This is a guided step by step approach, in the comfort of your own home with our coaching and/or online, self care therapy programs.

Our Methods

Traditional therapy may be logical but unfortunately gives limited results for healing and well – being. We have seen this endlessly with clients who come to our clinic for back pain relief. They state, “I’ve tried everything from chiropractic, massage therapy, physical therapy, painful exercises even pills and injections. Traditional therapy sounds logical, but teaches you nothing about the mind, body connection. It uses brute force when applying a technique – whether it be hands on therapy, stretching or exercise therapy. Almost always addressing the painful area, while creating more pain during treatment. In addition, most types of stretching are applied by forcing the tissue and joints into movement in order to increase flexibility and mobility. The body will just go into a defensive mode and everything will tighten up possibly, causing more harm than good. What about strengthening? According to Dr. Devin Starlanyl M.D. states” You cannot strengthen a muscle that has a trigger point, because the muscle is already physiologically contracted. Attempts to strengthen a muscle with trigger points will only cause the trigger points to worsen.” Strengthening without correcting postural distortion and improper movement patterns, will strengthen in the position of the dysfunction. We teach you how to correct the dysfunctional movement patterns while organically becoming stronger.

Using the the latest form of non – traditional therapy, self – myofascial release (not foam rolling) (Barnes Approach to MFR) coupled with unique stretchingpostural corrective exercise strategies and mindful meditation. All by using a progression of pain free movements.

Please be aware, that this is not a cookie cutter technique, one size does not fit all. We treat the body as a whole; body, mind and spirit. Even traditional, holistic health care therapies only address the area of pain and  almost never address good motions and movements and do not reach the deeper layers of fascia or teach mindful, body awareness. We not only teach you “physical” therapeutic techniques for back pain relief but, teach you how to tune into your body’s wisdom for healing through movement.

Again, we look at the body as a whole – meaning, just because you are having pain in one specific area does not mean that is the only area to treat/address. Since the entire myofascial complex is one single unit of connective tissue that joins and interconnects all your systems of your body – like a sweater, pull on one end, and the opposite end unfolds. Let us help you become independent and empowered, to take you beyond the level of traditional healing therapy so you can start living a pain free, active life.

Service #1 That We Offer


One on One Coaching, via Skype 

 Ready to dive in deeper into your unique self? For best results, it is recommended to schedule several sessions at a least 1 time per week for 4 weeks. This will help ensure a gradual and safe pace for change to occur. The video modules are included for each course. Please contact us to set up a free consultation to see if we are a good match.

Service #2 That We Offer


Massage Therapist Coaching

Are you a massage therapist and would like to learn how to offer your clients a better way to relieve pain and stress? Are you tired of using deep tissue techniques with little results or just plain tired of trying to rub away pain or showing them painful exercises?   Would you like to learn how to go from just doing table work to showing your clients how to self – treat, so they can live pain free? Diversify your practice now. We give you the tools you need to start, grow and make your work easier, while providing results for yourself and your clients. We have over 55 years years combined experience in the massage, bodywork and manual therapy field. We have made our own mistakes in the past and we want to help you not do the same.

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