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Expert Myofascial Release is an online pain relief solution, that focuses on one-on-one coaching to help alleviate chronic back pain, and the correction of ones posture. With our clients showing at least 50% reduction in pain in less than one hour and often times more than 80 – 90% pain relief.
This online program is a step in learning easy pain-free movements and posture positions, all in the comfort of your own home. Our program is for women who want to become self sufficient and who are committed to invest in their health. These programs are designed for those looking to take responsibility, better themselves, and are willing to put your health as the number one priority.
The Pain Free & Empowered program is a proprietary system of progressive strategies and processes where we give you the tools, resources and knowledge for you to become your own therapist. For more information call us at 1-561-625-3040 and to schedule your free remote demo session.
Eliminate pain, increase flexibility, correct posture, increase sports performance and more.

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Online Courses for Massage Therapists and Patients

Massage therapists – elevate your skills and empower your clients –  Patients –  Let us guide you, step by step to regain mobility and pain free motion.

What People Are Saying

After years of chiropractic care and conventional physical therapy, I still couldn’t lift my right arm over my head without pain and I constantly felt that someone needed to take my head off and adjust it. By the time I finally started seeing Michelle, my lower back was out of wack too. My exercise routine was severely impacted and at times I felt a lack of hope. I couldn’t believe and wouldn’t accept that after being committed to excellent fitness practices all my life. My body was breaking down in my late 40’s. It didn’t seem right because, I knew the body could heal itself, if given the opportunity. I just had to find it. Myofascial Release Therapy was the answer. I started seeing Michelle faithfully and dilegently worked on myself at home with the exercises she taught me. She took the time to educate me, on how to listen to my body so that I could give it what it needed to heal. I am now pain free with full mobility, in every area of my body. If you’re hurting, give yourself the gift of experiencing Myofascial Release Therapy can do for you. It’s not magic and takes a level of commitment and works. Michelle and Patricia will be there every step of the way.

Ivonne Sherman

Bible Study Teacher, No More Dry Bones

Patricia, a myofascial release therapist has been a gift to my health. She went above and beyond therapy by taking the time to discuss my health, showing me exercises I can do on my own time and helping me find the appropriate equipment to further my path to good health.

Kyle Krainik

“I wanted to send a note today as I finish a full 50 minute workout where I can now push myself on a long walk or easy jog, marveling that my hips are working as well as they are.

It has been a longtime for me to sit on sidelines (almost a year) and not feel like I was aligned or ready to do much at all, especially without pain. I know your last treatment for me was a bit ago, but you successfully trained me to be able to release those tough spots in my hip and leg on my own, or with the help of my husband. The pain was prohibiting me from good posture and from doing any kind of workout.
But staying ‘on it’ has helped so much.

I am happy to say I am able now to start back to yoga, and get in a cardio workout each day now. I am not sore and am able to work through any day after workout tightness. I am still not as lean as I would like to be yet ( or used to be) but I am on my way to my better self, much due to your initial easing of my pain and then teaching me how to release those areas when they kick up.

I appreciate your work, and am happy I can return to my regular exercise. Many thanks and happy Summer!

Thank you!”

Betty F.

Real Estate Agent/Broker


Benefits of Self Myofascial Release for Golfers

Benefits of Self Myofascial Release for Golfers

Self-myofascial release is extremely beneficial  in helping golfers increase rotation during the swing, relieve low back pain, golfers’ elbow and more;  bottom line is, the better the mobility/flexibility the more control you have in the golf swing and less likely to...

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Low Back Pain Course Overview

Low Back Pain Course Overview

Learn how to achieve pain free movement without drugs, surgery, injection or painful exercise. We use gentle, soft tissue self treatment, unque corrective exercise, mindful movement and awareness strategies. This video is an overview of our low back pain video course....

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